About Us

The BDS Call
In 2005, virtually every civil society organization in occupied Palestine joined together to call for an international campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel until it complies with international law and principles of human rights. Modeled on the divestment campaign against apartheid South Africa, the call internationalizes the struggle of Palestinians to achieve justice for those who live inside Israel, in the occupied West Bank and Gaza, and in exile in the international diaspora. To see the entire call, click here.

The BDS Campaign
Since the original call was issued in 2005, the BDS campaign has gained international recognition. Starting in Europe, the campaign scored significant victories. Financial institutions across Europe sold their shares in the French companies Veolia and Alstom, which helped build and operate the Jerusalem light rail system. Norway divested from complicit Israeli companies. And vigorous campaigns are ongoing in other countries. In 2009 BDS crossed the Atlantic. In February of that year, Hampshire College became the first in the US to divest its holdings in companies whose business supports the Israeli occupation. In the following summer, Code Pink initiated the Stolen Beauty campaign against Ahava beauty products. Since then BDS campaigns have been taken up in churches, communities and universities around the country. Click here to find out more about the BDS National Committee (BNC) and about the international campaign.

BDS San Diego
BDS San Diego is a group of individuals dedicated to working toward freedom and justice for all people in historic Palestine. Our participants may be members of other organizations, but we come together as individuals around this single cause. BDS San Diego works with and supports other organizations in the greater San Diego area who also embrace this mission.

As outsiders living in the United States, we believe that it is not our place to decide what is best for Palestinians. Rather, we choose to answer the call of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement, which has been backed by a majority of Palestinian civil society. The call asks that we demand non-violent punitive measures—including boycotts, divestment, and sanctions—to be maintained until Israel meets its obligations under international law.

As residents of the United States of America, which funds the oppression of Palestinians with our tax dollars, we believe it is our responsibility to act to end U.S. military and financial aid to Israel, to end the occupation of historic Palestine, to end the system of apartheid within Israel, and to win the right of return for all Palestinian refugees, as articulated in UN resolution 194.